Airfield And Terminal Modernization Project (ATMP)

Project Title
Airfield And Terminal Modernization Project (ATMP)

Overall Project Cost

Concession Operations and Logistics
Commercial Development

Project Description
Focus’ on airfield and terminal improvements that stay within the airports existing footprint, and land-side improvements that help reduce the airport-related congestion and back-ups on public streets. The project would elevate the passenger experience, improve the community experience, enhance the airfield safety and increase business opportunities.

Service Provided
Two scopes of work were provided 
a. We provided in-depth review of the concessions program in the proposed Concourse 0, which is comprised of 1.275 million square feet of facilities. We analyzed and gave feedback on the proposed square footage of the concessions program with the anticipated enplanement figures, as well as the logistics and operational plan for the building.
b. We worked with and supported Pragma on the proposed Terminal 9 concessions program, which was proposed as 1.4 million square footage of facilities.

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